About Segreto Quants

Segreto Quants is a 24-hour live, real time tradingroom for mainstreet traders, driven completely by robotic algorithmic quants.

Now, traders from around the globe have access to trading signals in their own time zones. With its 24Hour traderoom, Segreto's robots analyze many technical analysis signals with different time frames in blazing-fast speed.

Segreto Quants is a joint venture between organizations that have extensive experience in trading analysis and trading strategies. Our common goal is to create powerful, real time, "On Demand" alerts.

Our mission is simple: Deliver live entires and exits to traders, when convenient to them, no matter where in the world they live. Our hours of operation are whenever you want them to be. Night or day, New York or Tokyo time, Segreto Quants will be on the job. Remember, trading is not appropriate for everyone.

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Shadowtraders provides advanced technical analysis trading software for the Futures Market, including Emini futures (such as the S&P 500), currencies (the Euro, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound), treasury bonds (10-Year Note and 30-Year Bond), crude oil, natural gas, and gold

Known for its technical analysis, Shadowtraders creates trading alerts to detect trends, counter-trends, and algorithmic trades coming from high frequency trading robots.

Now, in partnership with APS, Shadowtraders is putting its technical analysis to work developing live, real time, robotic trading strategies. Realizing robots can analyze incoming data quickly, Shadowtraders now delivers its technical analysis in a combined "trade by the numbers "package. The same analysis that traders would do manually is done by the quant, resulting in fast, real time entries and exits.

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Automated Performance Strategies

APS provides traders with automated, algorithmic strategies. Using APS algorithmic strategies, in 2012, alone, APS clients traded over 350,000 Forex contracts across 23 brokerages. These brokerages include FXCM, FXDD, and Gain Capital. APS strategies are available through the Tradency MirrorTrader Platform.

APS began delivering an automated trading system at REFCO in 2001. APS was the first algorithmic signal provider for Tradency's MirrorTrader in 2006. And in 2007, APS brought automated signals to Cantor Fitzgerald.

Now in partnership with Shadowtraders, APS is expanding its delivery to include Emini, Futures trading, ETF's and stocks, combining its algorithmic strategies with Shadowtraders technical analysis. APS/Shadowtraders -- delivering the most comprehensive set of trading signals available on the market today. APS has now built into its trading system the key technical analysis elements that traders have come to expect, such as fibonacci numbers, pivots, and waves, analyzed at blazing-fast speeds.